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Bundle Tying Machine

Mechanical Tying Equipment, Product Bundling Solution, Packaging Machinery

Distinguished Advantages of Bundle Tying Machine
1. The bundle tying machine is well suited for tying newspaper, magazines, corrugated cases, books, clothing and so forth.
2. Proved by the market, the mechanical tying equipment has stable properties and a long service life.
3. The bundle tying machine is characterized by easy operation, high security, material saving, labor saving and high efficiency.
4. In consideration of different sizes of material, we provide many types of tying systems for customers.

Technical Parameters of Bundle Tying Machine
Model Machine size
CY45 400×450mm
CY50 500×500mm
CY60 600×600mm
CY75 780×750mm
CY80 750×800mm
CY100 800×1000mm
CY110 250×1100mm
CY125 250×1250mm
CY150 250×1500mm
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