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Semi-auto Gluing Machine

Chinese Semi-Auto Gluer, Cardboard Bonding Machine, Semiautomatic Box Pasting Machine

The semi-auto gluing machine has a compact structure and easy operation, suitable for a variety of small-size and medium-size process enterprises. The semiautomatic box pasting machine requires only 1-2 workers, one for sending paper and one for packaging.

We specialize in the research and development of box gluing machinery. If you have suggestions and requirements for the machine design, please feel free to tell us. We have a top-notch design team to service you.

Technical Parameters of Semi-auto Gluing Machine
Max. paperboard size 2600×1300 mm
Min. paperboard size 600×250 mm
Paperboard thickness 1200 mm
Stacking height 800 mm
Process speed 45 m/min
Applicable paperboards Three- five- and seven-layer
Motor power 2.5 kw
Machine weight 2000 kg
Dimensions 4800×2000×1800 mm

Main Characteristics of Semi-auto Gluing Machine
1. With a reasonable design, the semi-auto gluer has a compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance, realizing a good reputation among customers.
2. The paperboard platform is controlled by an electric sensor and provides automatic rise-up and down, saving a lot of labor cost.
3. In the middle part of the semi-auto gluing machine is the automatic alignment device. It effectively avoids untidy pasting problem.
3. The back end of the machine is outfitted with a paperboard collection platform, with electric adjustment and synchronous operation.
4. The pasting and forming section is equipped with a belt and press roll to enhance the forming effect.
5. Backed by modern technology, the electric control system automatically counts and displays quantity. What’s more, the number of finished paperboards to be tied can be set (1-20 pieces).
6. Components are all purchased from reliable companies. For example, the switch button is provided by Schneider. The optoelectronic switch and main transmission motor are from Taiwan. The lifting motor, gearbox and fan are provided by domestic famous brands.
7. The semi-auto gluing machine requires two workers to paste semi-finished boxes and package finished boxes, with little manpower cost.

  • Paperboard sending device
  • Pasting head
    The pasting head is cast from brass and bronze for excellent wear resistance.
  • Pasting head components
  • Middle part of machine
  • Automatic alignment device
  • Operation panel
    The electric control system offers counting function and the indicator shows packaging quantity.
  • Electric control cabinet
  • Discharging section
  • Pasting and forming section
  • Discharging section
    The number of finished paperboards to be tied can be set (1-20 pieces).
  • Finished paperboards
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