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Semi-automatic Folder Gluer

Semi-Auto Gluer, China Small-Size Gluing Machine, Box Folding and Gluing

We keep up with the pace of market trend and especially design this semi-automatic folder gluer which has a small volume and easy operation. The box folding and gluing equipment is an ideal choice for small production of corrugated boxes and is extensively applied in gluing paper boxes, corrugated cases and more.

Outstanding Advantages of Semi-automatic Folder Gluer
1. Glue Saving

In comparison to manual manufacture, the semi-automatic folder gluer demands 1/3 volume of glue.

2. Labor Saving
The maximum speed of folder gluer is 56 meters per minute, 3-4 times higher than the efficiency of hand-made method.

3. Firm Paste Effect
The semi-automatic folding gluing equipment provides firm paste effect and tidy gluing. The patented double-head sanding device eliminates UV light membrane layer and plastic coating layer to increase the bonding capacity of glue.

The small-size gluing machine resolves conventional problems like glue failure under extreme weathers, uneven folding, glue leakage and so forth. Additionally, it can also handle nonstandard-shape boxes.

4. Paperboard Grinding
With high strength, long service life and high rotational speed, the paperboard grinding wheel ensures great grinding effect. The equipped high-efficiency cleaner collects paper scraps and keeps the working environment clean.

5. Glue Pasting
By using a stainless steel glue bucket, the semi-automatic folder gluer is resistant to many types of glues. Matched with several-model pasting wheel, the semiautomatic gluing system satisfies different production requirements.

Technical Parameters of Semi-automatic Folder Gluer
Model GF-1800 GF-2000 Unit
Voltage 3-380 3-381 Vac
Frequency 50 50 Hz
Power 2.7 3.2 Kw
Current 6.3 7 A
Weight 1.5 2 T
Machine size 2300×2500×1300 2600×2700×1300 mm
Max. paperboard size 1800×1100 2000×1100 mm
Min. paperboard size 200×160 200×160 mm
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