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Hydraulic Automatic Stacker

Folded Carton Stacker, Up Stacker, Box Stacker

Mechanical Features of Hydraulic Automatic Stacker
1. Main power is supplied by a variable frequency drive motor.
2. PVC belt is used for transferring paperboards.
3. The lifting belt at the front end is controlled by a cylinder while the lifting belt at the back end is driven by motor and worm gear speed reducer. Along with a braking and positioning device, the box stacker is secure and reliable.
4. The position of back plate can be adjusted by hand wheel, in accordance with the paperboard length.
5. Side boards lead to tidy and stable stacking.
6. The stacking height is controlled by a photoelectric-sensing PLC system.

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Automatic Stacker
Model HL-AS0920 HL-AS1226 HL-AS1428
Max. speed 180m/min 180m/min 180m/min
Max. paperboard size 1200×2200 mm 1400×2600 mm 1600×2900mm
Occupied area 6500×3500×3000mm 6500×3900×3000mm 6500×4440×3000mm
Machine weight 1800kg 2000kg 2200kg
Power 3kw 3kw 3kw
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