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Vibrating Waste Stripping Machine

Vibration and Stripping Unit, Chinese Cardboard Waste Solution, Vibrating-Stripping Machine for Corrugated Cardboard

Main Characteristics of Vibrating Waste Stripping Machine
1. The paper receiving section is pneumatically controlled and has extra space for dismounting moulds.
2. Driven by an independent motor and designed with four vibration units, the vibrating-stripping machine has a fast vibration speed and an excellent waste collect effect.
3. The vibration belt is an imported high-elasticity cylindrical belt, with no harm to the paperboard. Controlled by an adjustable-speed motor, it's convenient to set the speed to meet different stroke requirements.
4. Applying groove belt, the waste paperboard collecting system can adjust the belt according to the paperboard size and ensure smooth and safe passing of various-shape paper boxes.
5. At the back end of the waste collect section is installed with powerful blowing and brushing device. This device speeds up the vibration, guarantees quick drop of waste paper and avoids waste paper left on the paperboard, thereby realizing an optimal waste removal effect.
6. Below the waste collect section, there are installed with inclined plates and belt for delivering waste paperboards on three sides, which saves a lot of time and labor cost.

Technical Parameters of Vibrating Waste Stripping Machine
Model HL-VS1220 HL-VS1426
Max. speed 120m/min 120m/min
Max. paperboard size 1200×2200 mm 1400×2600 mm
Occupied area 3200×3300×1100 mm 3200×3700×1100 mm
Weight 2000 kg 2200 kg
Power 4kw 4kw
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