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Dual Servo Carton Stitcher

Semiautomatic Stitching Equipment, Chinese Box Stitcher Manufacturer, Corrugated Case Stapling

Since stitching is the last procedure of corrugated box forming, it's of vital importance to select a suitable box stitching machine. The GF-S1-2800dual servo carton stitcher applies modern technology and features high efficiency, fast stitching speed, low labor intensity, convenient operation, stable properties, reliable performance and low malfunction rate.

The dual servo carton stitcher is an ideal alternative of chain type stitching machine and is mainly used to stitch corrugated boxes, with a stellar reputation both at home and abroad.

Configurations of Dual Servo Carton Stitcher
1. Applying YASKAWA dual servo system, the corrugated box stitcher possesses high accuracy, low mechanical malfunction, fast stitching speed, upgraded technology and excellent quality.
2. The control system involves many functional parts, such as Omron PLC system, switched-mode power supply, photoelectric sensor, IDEC intermediate relay, Banner touchscreen, Schneider circuit breaker, Siemens contactor, thermal relay, FOTEK proximity sensor.
3. For safe and efficient material transfer, FAG bearing, TR mounted bearing and Fenner synchronous belt are applied.
4. In the transmission system, main components are AirTAC cylinder and electromagnetic valve, Liming transmission motor and reduction gear.
5. The entire stitching section uses Japan molds, with high precision.
6. Both knife and punching head are processed by a reliable Taiwan factory, featuring good resistance to wearing and corrosion. In addition, the knife can be replaced.
7. In comparison to commonly-used transmission components, the transmission gears and transmission shaft have a lifespan that is one time longer. (Material: Japan SCM440)

Attractive Features of Dual Servo Carton Stitcher
1. One-minute parameter change
2. Easy operation
3. Single stitch, double stitch, reinforce stitch
4. Automatic count paperboards and send for strapping
5. Touch screen
6. Servo system
7. Stitching pitch: 140mm
8. Process speed: 450 stitches /min
9. The stitching pitch can be directly set via touchscreen.
10. Users can freely adjust the thickness of feed paperboards and switch the corrugated case in the workstation.
11. The position of board can be adjusted on the touchscreen, then easily locating and locking the first nail.
12. For different manufacture requirements, the rotational speed can be adjusted via the touchscreen.
13. Both covered and uncovered boxes can be processed by this dual servo carton stitcher. For uncovered boxes, please inform us when place an order.
14. With the assistance of alarming system, the semiautomatic carton stapling equipment will give an alarm and shut down immediately when detecting jammed nail and inappropriate operation.

Technical Parameters of Dual Servo Carton Stitcher
Model GF-S1-2800
Process speed 450 stitches/ min
Stitching pitch 30-140 mm
Stitching times 1-99
Paperboard thickness 3-10mm
Stitching wire 17#(2.0×1.0mm); 18#(1.8×0.8mm)
Max. paperboard length ((B+C)×2) 2800mm
Min. paperboard length ((B+C)×2) 606mm
Max. paperboard width (F) 1515mm
Min. paperboard width (F) 300mm
Side mark size (C) 125-500mm
Stitching flap (D) 30-50mm
The first nail size 20-380mm
Total power 4.5kw
Machine size 2520×1790mm
Machine weight 2000KG
Stacking height 900mm
Occupied area 2800×2600mm
Stitching method Single stitch, double stitch, reinforce stitch
Applicable paperboards Three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer paperboards
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