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In order to build good will with our clients, Guangfang Packaging offer first-class customer service and technical support, ranging from pre-sales service to component maintenance. No matter where you are, we will help you to resolve your problems as possible as we can.

Pre-sales Service
Our engineers have a comprehensive understanding about our machines and properties. They will assist you to find the most suitable packaging solution depending on your specific requirements.

On-site Service
After delivering our products, our company will designate professional technicians to customer’s factory to offer assembly and adjustment service. If the operator is not very familiar with our machines, our employees will stay there and provide training for seven days or longer until the operator masters all machine operation skills.

After-sales Service
Outside normal office hours, for any defects in our box packaging machines, you can call our emergency service line. After receiving your call, we will provide remote service immediately, effectively fixing your problem online.

Component Service
We have an abundant storage of wearing components, making sure we deliver machine part replacement in a timely fashion. Wearing components include belt, glue scraper, sun gear, leaf spring, white plastic steel, pasting wheel, gear shaft and oil bearing.

Maintenance Service
1. Make sure the operator is responsible and familiar with the machine and machine functions.
2. Before using the corrugated box packaging machine, the operator must read the instruction manual carefully. If necessary, technical training can be offered, in order to make sure the operator masters the operation keys and maintenance methods
3. Conduct regular inspection and check to the machine. Avoid overload operation and wrong maintenance to ensure a long service life.

Complimentary Components
1. Semi-automatic corrugated case gluing machine: White plastic steel (1 piece)
2. Fully-automatic corrugated case gluing machine: 3560*70 belt, six steel belt buckles,

No. Name Specifications Quantity Note
1 Double offset ring spanner 17*19 1 1. Semi-automatic corrugated case gluing machine
2 Open spanner 12*14 1
3 Double-use screwdriver
4 Hex key Medium size, 025 1
5 Glue pot
6 Instruction manual
1 Double offset ring spanner 17*19 1 2. Fully-automatic corrugated case gluing machine
2 Open spanner 12*14 1
3 Double-use screwdriver
4 Hex key Medium size, 025 1
5 Monkey spanner (10") 250mm 1
6 Glue pot
7 Grease gun (500G)
8 Tool kit
9 Instruction manual

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